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As an outsourced digital marketing agency, we drive traffic to your site through both paid and organic methods allowing you to increase profits. Your brand is what will differentiate you in this new digital economy and for many companies they have zero online presence.

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What It TAKES To Be Successful

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising of well written copy-writing delivered on the correct digital marketing platform. Writing a result-oriented ad copy is incredibly difficult and should only be attempted by true marketing experts in order to correctly position your brand against the competition. This is done through thoughtful professional web design.

Web Design

Web Design

With the user in mind we work to design your site and innovate to create an effective website. Anyone can simply go and build a site using a website builder but with BAI Digital, you have a digital marketing expert that is taking care of the minut details that will help increase the utility of the website.


Search Engine Optimization

We help to increase the bottom line by integrating SEO into your website's design. By doing this your users and traffic will find that your website is relevant to their search and will most definitely lead to an increase in the conversion rate on your website.


Create A Viral Brand

Having a consistent them through out the typography, the color palette and the the overall design will help your customer to have a great first impression of your website. It can be small details like rounded corners or straight edges but your website may be the only impression that your customer will ever see of your business. Contact us today and make their user experience enjoyable!


Mockups & Exploration

You may not even have a clue on where to start or what determines a bad website from a high performance website. We offer you advice based on your needs, budget, industry, and help you make an informed decision to regarding your business website.

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