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Whether you are a small business or a corporate conglomerate, SEO helps you get in-front of the right people so that your business can leverage the power of search to your advantage. With new developments of voice search being available in your home, on your phone, or in you car. As a business owner, the challenge of keeping up with the constantly evolving algorithms requires a skilled digital marketing team to keep on top of. To most business owners finding and creating a department or hiring the right person is either too expensive or not feasible due to not fully understanding the expertise that will be needed. We created our company to fulfill this need for business owners.
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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the act of optimizing individual website pages so that the page will rank higher and win increasingly relevant traffic in the search engine results page. On-page alludes to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be enhanced, rather than off-page SEO which refers to external signals such as links, social signals, news mentions and other external factors. There must be a balance between human readability and search engine readability in order to obtain results.


Off-Page SEO

"Off-page SEO" refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).  Optimizing for off-site ranking factors involves improving search engine and user perception of a site's popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. This is accomplished by other reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) linking to or promoting your website, and effectively "vouching" for your site and it's content.

Getting In Front Of Your Target Customer is Vital For Your Companies Success, The Most Effective Way is Through Search Engine Marketing!

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Utilizing BAI Digital's SEO Services

BAI Digital is an alternative to other high priced online-marketing companies who can be impersonal and unreachable. With our industry knowledge, online-search experience, and an accurate understanding of you, your goals, and your needs, BAI Digital can help take your website to the next level. Here are the ingredients we’ll use to get it there and some of the perks you’ll enjoy along the way:

An SEO Agency in Sacramento With Success

A firm understanding of modern SEO techniques

Patience in the face of strong competition

Analyzing Your Business & The Competition

Analyzing your competition is important to create long lasting SEO results. You will not get very far if you don't understand what it will take to get your website to the top. Sometimes it can take a year for your website to rank at the top of the search engine results page. Therefore not only are you investing in your website's SEO but you are also investing into the future results that you will get from this. The top things that wedo when we research the SEO climate for Sacramento is we:

Understand their information architecture

Technical Page attributes that they utilize

Content structure & Content Silos

Sacramento SEO Expert

Content Optimization For Target Audience and Keywords

Sacramento Search Engine Optimization Agency

SEO Content optimization is the process of improving the quality and relevancy of your site's content. We'll discuss a number of things about how both users and search engines interpret what makes good content. There can be times where the term was used in the text here and there, the narrative was all over the place, and there's really no central theme to focus on. Both people and search engines expect clarity and quality from your web pages. They want to know without any hesitation what your content is all about.

And even more importantly, they want that content that they can trust. On the other hand, if you give me content that's truly remarkable, discussing the topic in true depth with skill and expertise, I'm going to come back to you with more questions in the future. And I'm going to trust your answers. In the online world, when people find content that they like, they tend to share it.

Search engines can see a lot of this sharing, and they view it as a sign of trust that will reward you with more search engine visibility. So when we think about content optimization, keep in mind that we're optimizing our content so that it benefits both users and search engines. And the two key concepts to focus on are tight, relevant themes and building trust.

Key Attributes To Foundational Keyword Research

The Best SEO Agency In Sacramento CA

There's a lot of data available to us about the keywords people are typing into search engines. And it's important to be able to evaluate the different attributes of a keyword before we decide whether or not to target one with our SEO strategy. There are three key things you'll need to consider when choosing your keywords.

Relevance, search volume, and competition.

Let's start with relevance. The first thing you need to do when you're deciding whether a keyword is relevant to your businessis ask yourself one simple question. Does the keyword you found accurately reflect the nature of the products and services that you offer?If so, you've nailed it. Remember, the number one objective of a search engine is to find and deliver the most relevant content to its users for a given search term. The best way to understand your customers' search behavior is to put yourself in their shoes and really try to get at their intent. If you were in the market to buy a car, how would you use a search engine? You probably wouldn't type the word car in and click search. Instead, you'd use something very specific to what you're looking for. And the best part about relevant keywords is that they're much more likely to drive conversion actions on your website than more generic ones.

The second item to look at is search volume. While a term like " cars for sale in my local city" might be extremely relevant to your business and likely to lead to an eventual sale, it's also not typed in to a search engine all that often. Search volume is the number of searches being done for a particular keyword. If you have a seasonal business or if you want to take a look at trends over time, many of these tools break down keywords volume seasonally, and you'll also want to take a look at Google Trends, where you can look at time periods, going all the way back to 2004.

Now let's have a look at competition. Keyword competition, or keyword difficulty, as it's often called, is just a measure of how difficult it's going to be for us to rank a keyword in front of our competition on a search engine results page. Unless you're introducing a brand new product or technology into the market, you're probably going to find content similar to yours already on the web. And we can look at things like the number of pages about a given topic, authority and trust of the websites competing with you, back links to their sites and more to really understand the competitive space for a given keyword. And again, many of the great tools have been developed that can help us  really dig into some of these competitive metrics.

Another way to look at competition is by evaluating the keyword in page search or cost per click markets. Looking at how actively and aggressively search advertisers are bidding on a keyword can be a good proxy for just how difficult a keyword is going to be on the organic side. And if you have an active Google Ads account, the Google keyword planner has a competition column, as well as bid information, that can help. While the competition metric gives you only low, medium, or high ratings, you can also look at the high and low bid ranges to get a sense of how competitive keywords are in the page search market. And don't forget, you can customize and filter right here in the interface. And you can also download these lists to work with in a tool like Excel. Let's tie it all together by going back over this quick example with respect to the three pillars of keyword research. Relevance, volume, and competition.

Finding specific relevant keywords is far more beneficial to your business that being optimized for general keywords with high search volume when it comes to conversion. And on the competition side, we saw just how competitive those generic terms like car can be.We can also clearly see the trade off between search volume against relevance and competition. And hopefully you're now seeing that for many organizations, finding lots and lots of these specific types of keywords that don't get a lot of search volume, but are very relevant and not as competitive, can be a solid strategy to guide their SEO efforts. Often, if you add up all those relevant, less competitive keywords together, you'll find that you can be attracting lots and lots of highly relevant, likely to convert visitors, to your website. So let your competitors spend all their budgets going after the keyword car, and let your keyword research be your guide as you balance how to get as much relevant search volume as you possibly can with the least competition.

Determining The Content Quality

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Determining just how well a page has been optimized can often be difficult to gauge. And we may want to isolate more opportunities for improvement. To help us do this we're going to use the on-page grader. Being an SEO agency we have gotten very serious about our tools and optimize your site using only the most expensive and cutting edge optimization tools on the market. The factors analyzed are grouped by level of importance. And we can switch between factors that are hurting and helping the overall score. For each issue we can see why these things are problems, suggestions around how to address these issues, and even some commentary and links to more information. In this example our keyword phrase doesn't show up in the title, the URL, the description, any of our headers, anywhere in the body, anywhere in bolded text or in any image alt text. If you were a search engine would you rank this page for the keyword phrase? Probably not. It's not all doom and gloom though. Reviewing the elements that we've done wellcan be helpful in making sure that we carry these best practices over to other pages as we optimize. And again, there's lots of great information here to help us understand more about each element that was analyzed. If you're looking for a way to quickly generate a fairly comprehensive evaluation of the pages of your site along with a list of recommended actions, this is the type of tool you'll want to use. And following these recommendations to clean up the on-page factors of your webpages, is what will end up showing the search engines what keywords your content has been optimized for.

Understanding KPIs and SEO

Top SEO Experts in Sacramento Ca

In 2016, businesses throughout the United Says spent about 67 million dollars on SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING providers alone, and even though numerous of these firms operate in various areas of this economy, they are all aware connected with one thing. Companies the fact that own top-ranked websites on Google attract a higher sum of website traffic and knowledge a larger level of conversion rate than their lower-ranked competitors. This anomaly usually possesses some sort of direct, good connection with superior on the web revenue numbers, which is precisely why countless businesses hire SEO corporations to optimize their particular websites every year, nevertheless there is a unique difference between a Sacramento SEO company that merely gives SEO services in addition to a SEO company that will delivers SEO services of which increase search rankings on Search engines, facilitate online development, plus enhance a website’s all round user experience.

Just like hence many things in company, designing and even employing the effective SEO method may only be accomplished every time a Sacramento SEO expert examines the website by a of utilizing holistic perspective, certainly not on the page-by-page schedule alone. In addition, whether prepared updating or perhaps redesigning a existing website as well as building a new one, just about every SEO campaign should begin by way of comparing and different your website’s structure against the standards published by way of the most important source of SEO information in the particular world, Yahoo and google!

Google would like site owners to produce internet websites with a simple structure. The optimal web page structure from your SEO perception should make it possible for visitors to explore and connect to your own personal website naturally and locate the information the end user is looking for quickly, because users, by dynamics, can quickly become irritated and even leave some sort of site which is as well complex or organized in an irrational manner. A good poorly structured website can not only have a new negative influence on your own website’s ranking on Google, although it can furthermore employ a direct impact on your current business’ bottom line Around fact, according to Google’s research, mobile customers who have some sort of negative online experience with a website are 62% more unlikely to purchase coming from the website owner’s brand in the future.Scheduled to this, the particular Sacramento SEO experts with BAI Digital start off every single SEO campaign by examining your website’s construction and making referrals on how you can make a framework that is easy to be able to get around and SEO-friendly. The Oregon SEO experts complete this by taking the help of a good building technique known because website details architecture, together with combining that with Google’s best SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING practices. This practice enables our Los Angeles SEO specialists to help analyze, modify, and make internet websites with the adhering to structural features:
- A new all natural
- User-friendly hierarchy
- The growth-oriented structure

A places listing structure intended to target and even position for multiple superior targeted visitors keywords

After the website’s structure has been studied, our Sacramento Search Engine Optimization specialists compare each internet page’s technical characteristics towards the SEO standards printed by Look for engines. Remember, each recommendation manufactured by Google can be designed to make your own personal site more user and even SEO-friendly. Consequently, our Sacramento web optimization expert’s analysis is designed to reply key SEO-related questions like:
- Does each web page possess a meta account plus headline tag that features specific targeted keywords?
- Does indeed every single web page combine authoritative external links together with targeted central links in its structure?
- Is every single web page optimized with regard to mobile SEO, and has been it created with responsive web page design strategies?
- Have most images, video clips, and graphics been improved to enhance page-loading speeds?

In accordance with Yahoo, offering engaging information will be the most important SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION factor Search engines uses to be able to judge the quality of a good website. Therefore, just about every web site on your internet site should feature high-quality content material that is well crafted, error-free, and engaging in obtain to rank efficiently about Google. Factors like misspelled words, broken backlinks, or even poorly composed written content will certainly not only cause customers to help leave your web site very swiftly, but it can furthermore mail the message to Google that your particular internet site offers low-quality articles. Consequently, our Los Angeles SEO experts will equally analyze the quality of your website’s content plus supply you with a set of tips on how to improve on the website’s content material to make it additional engaging and SEO-friendly.

SEO Is Your Ticket To Increased Site Traffic

SEO in Sacramento CA

You want to make sure that any website you are a part of, whether you created it yourself, or had it made for you, is getting the attention it deserves. It goes without saying that most people find websites through search engines, and for this reason this article will give you lots of ideas on how you can optimize the results you are getting from search engines.

To help with search engine optimization, make sure to include keywords in the URLs for relevant pages, rather than using numbers or irrelevant words. This is key not just for the main body of the URL, but also in file names. This will boost your rankings, as search engines are looking for relevant keywords.

Use keywords in URLs for increasing traffic and expanding your search engine optimization. Do not choose URLs with numbers. If at all possible, use words. This will increase the probability in your site being found quickly during a consumer's search. The keywords in the URL should also be included on the site itself.

Remember that SEO results are rarely instant, so be patient and try not to get discouraged. Because of the way search engine algorithms work, it can sometimes takes months to reap the rewards of today's effects. As long as the SEO methods you are using are solid, try to think of the work that you are doing today as a long term investment for the future.

Your website copy should focus on what a human would search for. Trying to beat the engine with repetitive keywords will get you nowhere. The engine is smarter than that. Look for phrases and strings that will be searched for by the normal human. Effectively targeting these types of key phrases will garner more hits.

To ensure visitors will want to come back to your site, work only with reputable merchants. Even though a merchant may offer a large commission rate, you will lose money in the long run if they scam your site's visitors. Working with reputable merchants will give your site a good reputation, and will encourage people to trust your opinion.

Do not double post. Putting the same content under different headings is a backwards technique that some sites use to get a consumer to reread an article. It has been shown not to work, and it even drives readers away. Many search engines even place your site based on quality of content, not quantity, and having the same things posted multiple times will not place you high on their lists.

When building your affiliate website, you have to be sure your visitors can easily and quickly find your site. One way to achieve this is to help the search engines to find and correctly categorize your site. It is a good and rewarding practice to insert descriptive meta elements into your pages' html code, as this helps the search engines to categorize your pages.

Do not title any of your pages with general information. Even your welcome page should be titled with something relevant to your website. Doing this will allow a search engine to direct someone to your page without difficulty. It also lets the customer know that this is, indeed, the page they were looking for.Keep it simple with one URL. You do not need to have six URLs for one website. Even if the information is totally different, try to keep it all under one heading. Search engines will use different URLs for different rankings, placing you lower or higher than you should be. Customers also may get confused as to why they are constantly "leaving your site" when they really are not.

People love to browse through a clearance section for bargains. You could include overstocked items or products nearing the end of their buying season. A dollar section for low priced merchandise can generate a lot of sales, especially if your website offers pop up suggestions for related items from your store. The customers will feel like they are getting a great deal and you will get more sales.Anchor text is important on your site. Avoid words that won't help optimize your website. Learn about which words to use with the help of many websites available that explain it in detail.

Webpages for your best-selling products should be carefully used so that your whole site benefits. In some cases individual product pages may appear high on search engine results pages and they can have a big impact on overall ranking if links are used thoughtfully.

You can use search engine optimization to generate traffic by continuously adding new and keyword-rich content to your site, whether it is through descriptive industry articles, new product descriptions, user reviews, or company blog posts. This keeps your content and search results fresh and up-to-date while keeping your regular visitors engaged.Include an XML sitemap on your website to help search engines find every part of your website. Google offers a free sitemap creation tool, which will create a sitemap in a way that Google has an easy time reading. Don't forget to update your sitemap often as it will change as you add and remove pages.

Never rename a page unless you are correcting it from something that is outlandishly wrong or outdated. Search engines don't like it when you change something as significant as the title of a page, and you could be penalized for switching it. It isn't worth the possible drop in page rank most of the time, so think deeply about it before you implement the change.

Optimize your HTML and not just your text. Search engines don't see the pages the same way human users do, so just because it looks good on the outside doesn't mean it'll get ranked highly. For example, using an <h1> tag is a better choice than increasing the font size with the <font> tag, since now the search engine will realize that text is a header.

Having a successful website is all about getting traffic to your site. This article has shown you practical ways that you can optimize your website for the search engines, so that you will come up higher in the results, thus giving you a better chance for lots of views and hits.

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