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We understand that Local SEO is quite complex and even confusing to many business owners. Being well versed in enterprise SEO we understand that effective local SEO can bring tremendous value to a small or local focused business. Utilizing the Local SEO strategies implemented by a qualified SEO contractor can tremendously improve your chances of converting your digital traffic into paying customers.

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Custom Tailored Local SEO

With fierce competition in the SEO industry we understand that when it comes to local SEO for your local business that pre-packaged cookie cutter solutions just won't do. Whether your a small service business or a large corporate conglomerate you can use local SEO to reach customers around your business. This page is dedicated to helping you understand more about our local SEO process and inform you how to optimize your local SEO visibility for search engines.

BAI Digital Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Aside from the fact that there are so many changes daily to the search engine algorithms, many under estimate the amount of work it takes to create an effective local search campaign. But, Local SEO is the most effective way to market your local business online. The way SEO companies achieve this is far different than the way that SEO is done nationally.

How To Rank In Local Search

Ranking in Local Search is tricky, according to various search engine executive's state that local search accounts for between 30-40 % of web related traffic. Also, a recent presentation at Google 46% of searches now have local intent. Local intent is when a searcher is look for something locally rather than nationally, an example of this would be "web designers in sacramento" as opposed to web design.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Effective Local SEO Tactics

There are a few effective Local SEO tactics that will help Google index your business as well as rank for keywords locally. These tactics when done properly by a professional local SEO agency provide SEO benefits to your website and more traffic to your local business, whether that is foot traffic or digital traffic. We have condensed our work for our clients into five services that we provide.

Local SEO Specialist

Localization of Website

Creating location specific pages with target keywords will allow your business to show up in local searches

Local SEO

Local Business Citations

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Local SEO BAI Digital

Google Business Listing

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Local SEO Agency

Reputation Management

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Lastly, The BAI Digital Local SEO "Secret Sauce"

Backlinks that are obtained organically are one of the key competent to getting relevant traffic from search engines. Backlinks give your business and website credibility as a trusted source and will give your website a much needed boost in your local search rankings. A backlink is a hyperlink that passes on SEO value to your website and allows search engines to crawl your site and will give you a much needed boost in your Local SEO rankings. Having a professional SEO contractor that has effective tactics for building SEO links will be one of the best things that your can do to have an effective local SEO campaign for your business.

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