5 Steps On How To Market Your Idea On Social Media

With nearly 2.5 billion people on the internet, social media is one of the fastest growing trends today. These challenges cause are ones that new entrepreneurs must first identify and then find a remedy. As entrepreneurs, we are those that are the problem solvers of society so learning how to grow and leverage social media to your businesses advantage will be key to growing your business.

To Get Started in 5 steps!

Create Your Social Profiles!

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Linkedin

- Pinterest

- Google Plus

- Youtube

- Instagram

- Tumblr

- Snapchat

Warning setting these up can take alot of time! These are all different social platforms that audiences use to find the content that they want to follow. The idea is to get your product or service in front of your target audience so that they will go to you in their time of need or want.

Find an Audience

This can be tough but finding a niche and becoming an expert in that niche is key to differentiating your business. Ask for friends and family to like and follow your pages to give you some credibility. Follow forums, groups, attend meetings and go to trade shows to network your business and idea. But the most important thing you should do is create helpful content which is explained in the next step.

Create Your Content

This leads us to our next step which creates good content. Creative and inspiring content will draw more people to your brand because it's just that "unique." If you are in a competitive business or multi-level marketing how can you differentiate yourself from others or stand out from those that sell the identical product? What makes you unique, tell your story and create your own personal brand one of the most captivating ways in which you can gain an organic audience is by creating your business around your story!

Portray to your audience that you are passionate about your business and believe in it, create a brand that inspires others! Enthusiasm and determination is 90% of the reason why anyone becomes successful in entrepreneurship if you lose one the other will carry you through.

Engage Your Target Audience

Writing engaging content toward your target audience is hard. First, you must become an expert or use expert positioning to engage those that are in your target audience. This can be hard, take alot of time to accomplish and delay your efforts toward other areas of your business but it will always pay dividends. If there is something you don't know learn it then write about it and show your audience your journey. Question your following if they like your content and listen to their response, become customer obsessed and you will always be successful.

One of the best things that you can do is engage your audience through comments, this is effective and makes them feel like they "know you." Make sure that in every post you are providing value or something of value to your customers, not just discounts. Always be very down to earth, highlight your biggest fans to make raving fans, and respond to queries in an interactive way. Find ways to be the solution to your client's problems and maybe even encourage users to generate content for you!


The frequency of posts should be as follows:

Linkedin: 1-3 times a week make it extremely meaningful

Facebook: Once a day, just let people know what you're doing. Sprinkle in a meaningful post at least once a week

Twitter: 1-2 times a day there is a lot going on in this platform so your target audience may miss your post.

Instagram: You can post daily just make sure to engage your target audience with a good picture otherwise it's a waste of time.

Pinterest: Same as Instagram

Tumblr: Same as Instagram

SnapChat: Follow the facebook rules.

These little nuances will help you in your marketing efforts, you don't have to focus on every platform just know how your users interact with your target platform and adjust your digital strategy from there.